Microsoft Fifth Ave

New York City’s Fifth Avenue is known to be one of the best shopping streets in the world. It is only fitting that M-Engineering Flagship projects are dotting both sides of this massive street! Featured here are three (3) of the ten (10) Fifth Avenue Flagship stores M-Engineering has completed since 2013.

P.S. The same goes for our presence on Broadway, but that’s another conversation!

October 26, 2015: Grand Opening of Microsoft’s long awaited NYC Flagship and experience store! M-Engineering spent over a year working on this 5 level, 22,000 square foot Flagship at 677 Fifth Avenue.


Special design features include:

  • 500+ video monitors
  • 2-story storefront video wall
  • Fully upgraded building steam service and electrical service
  • New Building Fire Protection and Fire Alarm Systems
  • New VRF (Air-cooled & Water-cooled) HVAC systems, Radiant Heating System
  • Full Building Energy Modeling
  • Mobile point-of-sales systems
  • A Community Theater
  • Special Announcement & Multi-use Spaces

This is just one of the 60+ Microsoft stores worldwide that M-Engineering has executed.

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Remodeling the largest Uniqlo store in the world and the biggest store on Fifth Avenue required an engineer with big ideas! This was not M-Engineering’s first time working in the prestigious 666 5th Avenue Building!

uniqlo-fifth-avenue-flagship-00Special design features include:

  • 300+ LCD screens
  • LED-lighted staircases
  • A full height atrium
  • Full Starbucks inside

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This 3-story Flagship at 666 Fifth Avenue is Zara’s largest store in the U.S. M-Engineering’s mechanical, electrical and structural designs are featured in this 52,000 square foot treasure!

Zara_5thAve-Special design features include:

  • Upgraded Electrical Service
  • Steam-to-hot water conversion for central heating
  • Hot water radiant heat for entrance areas
  • Water-cooled air conditioning with variable speed pumping, in conjunction with variable refrigerant flow equipment.
  • Zara Special Theming Elements

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